FIDE Online Arena Promotional offers

Take advantage of our free promotional offers. These offers expire on August 31st, 2018!

Invite your friends (and win free months)!

FIDE Online Arena introduces a special promotional offer for existing members: invite your friends to join our platform and get free months on your membership!

If you have friends interested in playing chess online on the official FIDE platform, send them an invitation including your promo code! Then, if they decide to sign up for a new paid membership, you will automatically receive a 3-month bonus extension of your membership for each new member!

The offer applies only to players with an active FIDE membership. Each member is entitled to 4 (four) promo codes per calendar year. Bonus membership extensions apply only in case of new full paid FIDE memberships (not in case of renewals).

Acquire an Arena title and receive 3 free months of FIDE Online Arena membership

Players who acquire an Arena title (AGM, AIM or AFM) are entitled of a free 3 months membership. The extra membership time is added automatically as soon as purchase the title.

Players under 12 years old receive a free membership

All players with a FIDE ID muber issued by a National Federation are entitled of a free FIDE Online Arena membership. This free period expires at the ed of the year of their 12th birthday. This offer is not available for players who received a FIDE ID from FIDE Online Arena.