Service and Events Table

The membership fee (25 euros for Fide Μembership -  50 euros for Platinum Membership) provides access to membership services for 1 year.

  Guest MemberArena MemberFide MemberPlatinum Service





  FIDE Online Membership No No Yes Yes
  National Federation (**) Online Membership No Yes No Yes
  Premium Chess Play Zone Yes Yes Yes Yes
  FIDE Online official rating No No Yes Yes
  Anticheating: Ace-Guard™ protection No Yes Yes Yes
  Chat No Yes Yes Yes
  Full games archive Limited Yes Yes Yes
  Fully customizable user interface No Yes Yes Yes
  Group Lesson No Yes Yes Yes
  Single Sign On Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Titles Tickes Office No No Yes Yes
  Hall of Fame Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Streamed transmission and broadcasting No Yes No Yes
  VOD lessons No Yes No Yes
  Trainers support services (Only for Fide certified Trainers) No Yes No Yes
  One-to-many lessons No Yes (§) No Yes (§)
  One-to-one lessons No Yes (§) No Yes (§)
  Engine analysis No Yes No Yes
  National (**) Online official rating No Yes No Yes
  Challenges Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Sit and Go tournaments Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Daily tournaments Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  FIDE Online titles No No Yes Yes
  Master challenges and simuls No Unlimited No Unlimited
  Special tournaments with prizes No Yes (§) Yes Yes (§)
  FIDE Online championship and tournaments No No Yes Yes (§)
  National (**) Online titles No Yes No Yes
  National (**) Online championship and tournament No Yes No Yes


(**) The mentioned Status and Services are available for the following National Chess Federations:


which have already adopted the same Chess Platform adopted by FOA.
Some organizer could claim for an additional participation fee

GM/WGM and IM/WIM are entitled of a lifetime free full membership.

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Guest Member

Ideal for the more casual player interested in playing friendly games in a fun and relaxed chess environment. You can upgrade from the Guest Membership to the Arena or Platinum Membership advantages anytime.

FIDE Online Arena Member

FIDE ratings and titles are the highest achievement a chess player can aspire to and as members of the official playing platform of the world chess governing body, FIDE, players experience the very best the world of international chess has to offer. Thanks to the revolutionary anti-cheating monitoring, prestigious official blitz and rapid FIDE ratings can now be obtained online. As a FIDE arena member over-the-board and online game matches are combined into one official rating. Compete in some of the world’s most important programs organised by FIDE along with millions of players worldwide in a revolutionary new way never before available until now.

Platinum Service

With the Platinum Service you will cumulate the full and unlimited array of services and the FIDE membership. You will enjoy with challenge games and matches, Sit & Go, tournaments, teaching and training, events broadcasting, post game analysis with the engine of your choice and free national federation online arena membership when available, giving you access to your country's best events and local news 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.