10 reasons why FIDE Online Arena is the best choice

1. It is the exclusive internet platform recognized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) for online rated tournaments, FIDE ratings & FIDE titles.
2. The application's interface is available in 7 languages.
3. The chess boards are designed with high resolution graphics.
4. Online ratings are official ratings mentioned on each player's profile card on the FIDE website.
5. Online ratings are aligned with over-the-board FIDE ratings.
6. Official FIDE titles can be achieved in FIDE Online Arena.
7. The Arena titles are designated for players with rating between 1100 and 2000 points.
8. Official FIDE online tournaments.
9. Continuous innovations in online chess regulations and cutting edge anti-cheating technology, always with FIDE approval.
10. The annual FIDE Online Arena membership fee is ONLY 25 euros!


FIDE Online Arena unique features

Rating Alignment
Rated games are played with a variety of predefined rapid, blitz and bullet time controls. Rapid and blitz ratings are aligned with over the board FIDE rapid and blitz ratings. The 1st day of each month, as soon the FIDE rating lists are published, rating changes from over the board rapid and blitz games are added to (subtracted from) the relevant Arena ratings.

In this way, the Arena ratings reflect the overall players' activity, over the board and online. However, the traditional FRLs (FIDE rating lists for over the board rapid and blitz) are totally independent from online gaming results and will continue to be used for the pairings and ratings of over the board tournaments.

FIDE titles for the lower rated players
FIDE announces official titles for the lower rated players. The titles of Arena Grand Master (AGM), Arena International Master (AIM), Arena FIDE Master (AFM) and Arena Candidate Master (ACM) are automatic titles which can be achieved in FIDE Online Arena, but being official FIDE titles can also be used in over the board games as well.

The FIDE Arena titles address chess players of the 1100-2000 playing strength and are the same for men and women. The FIDE Arena titles provide motivation to local chess communities with important activity, the performance level of which is not eligible for the classical over the board FIDE titles.

Anti-cheating System and Procedures
The Ace-Guard anti-cheating system is central to FIDE online arena's player protection, and the fruit of many years of painstaking research, as well as significant technical development and financial investment. It offers a totally unprecedented level of protection and security. It has been approved by national chess federations and FIDE. Furthermore, the system is rigorously checked and tested over an extended period of time and has a proven track record of success.
The work done by the anti-cheating system is complemented by FIDE's procedures and a team of experts, making it particularly difficult for anyone to cheat for an extended period of time. All members of FIDE online arena can be identified by means of their FIDE ID numbers. FIDE is 100% committed to maintaining the high reputation chess enjoys and anyone found to be cheating faces strict sanctions not limited to online chess, further reducing the likelihood of cheating.
It is important to emphasize that the vast majority of players love chess and only a tiny number of people try to cheat. Decisions regarding cheating are never taken lightly and involve evaluating many factors over a period of time so action taken against a player is never immediate. It would be a serious mistake for a cheater to presume that because individual cases of cheating are not punished immediately that their cheating has not been detected.

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